IVI Pilgrimages

Since 1984, Invitation to Life (or IVI) has invited those who so desire to participate inpilgrimages in France, in Europe, in the Americas (from Canada to Chile), inthe lands of Russia, Africa (Niger), Asia (Thailand) and Oceania (Australia,New Zealand, Vanuatu).

Humans havealways needed to refresh their ideas by travelling the Earth, to find againthat link with the Sacred which, though forgotten, does exist inside. For Invitation to Life, a pilgrim'sdeparture is an internal process, useful at key moments of existence. A pilgrimage is a privileged occasionfor cutting oneself from one's daily life, from one's comforts or habits, for aperiod of many days, and to meet other beings, other peoples, with unrecognizedcustoms, cultures and lands.

Thepilgrim's process is also a prayer process. Pilgrimages are the occasion to pray in number for those whosuffer in the visited country and beyond its borders.

As well aspilgrimages, IVI members travel in small groups on 'itinerances' : thisconsists of visiting Invitation to Life groups in other regions or countries,in order to pray together and share ideas about the association'sprojects. This sharing is always asource of enrichment and new dynamism.

Above all, a pilgrimage is an internal voyage, the ability to find again that connection between man created in God’s image and the world, the galaxy which surrounds us.

Yvonne Trubert

Founder of Invitation to Life

The Invitation to Life (orIVI) association was founded in 1983. Its mission is to welcome, listen to and harmonise those persons who so desire, in the centres in France and around the world.

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