IVI Pilgrimages

May 2010

"Holiday" in Greece!

As on many of my previous journeys to the Pacific, I set off to Greece for ten days with the intention of sharing my daily life with my Invitation to life friends. I enjoy meeting them in their homes for a simple coffee or a meal.

Once more I’ve thrown myself into a life with not set routine, so happy to see that my mere impulse to come over to Greece was reviving the hearts and spirit of a dozen members of IVI Greece. Spontaneously they came to their centre for group prayer, harmonisations, vibrations and being listened to.

Going with the flow – no plans!

 On Aegina Island (1h boat crossing from Athens), 7 of us spent a few days in the home of the president of Ivi Greece. We took life as it came, with no plans, going from a morning rosary to singing the 6O’s and 70’s. Whilst washing the dishes or setting the table we shared bits of our personal lives in a relaxed, trusting and tender loving atmosphere. We could easily go from swimming to harmonising or even from trifling jokes to serious in depth explanations on IVI and the 3 keys to non-IVI members who came to visit us. Days were richer and richer, nights got shorter and shorter….giving each one of us an opportunity to better understand ourselves and the other.fillesdeguisees

With ease and humour, I’ve tried my best, to enlighten their understanding of life using my favourite playground of tangible present time. With this new approach towards Greece (informal meetings), the fears and guilt towards the current functioning of Ivi Greece were lifted. We let ourselves go with the flow, bringing on a lighter perspective and thus relieving the members of their unreachable expectations. We were able to focus on individual needs and the needs of our hosts’.

Gently they became aware that they couldn’t act directly on the actual events in Greece, due to the governments’ economical recession, but that they had to work on their own feelings rising up in them about the current situation. Not remaining victims but becoming active and responsible for their own joy in life. The change in the atmosphere could be felt very quickly. The task was more reachable and less overwhelming. Worries, feelings of injustice, fears, unconscious guilt or any other bitterness transformed to peace and joy, leading them to the hope of their own transformation, letting the dawn of a new future rise up in their hearts.

couchersoleilA simple shift from fixed thoughts to free minded happiness, on which they could stick to the principal of the construction of one’s own peace and sweetness to be able to help all those who’re part of ones life !

The chance that I give myself
to change

 My last journey to Australia/Vanuatu in January 2010 has set my confidence onto “serving” by just being myself, allowing me to sink into the sweetness of life, much beyond all purposes of “usefulness”. Facing my only responsibility: Focusing and taking responsibility for my thoughts, my desires, my feelings and my decisions! Once again, God has given me the opportunity of another 10 days to serve in this most intense unity of myself.

My life is beautiful, more and more easy and happy every day… I now dare to tell this to myself ! Thanks to this chance of having come across the teachings of Ivi but also to taking the risk to grasp at making changes in me. I respect this association and believe in it, but won’t forget, that above all, the continuation of our association is directly linked to the daily “yes” of my own personal change.

Due to the fact that Greece was one of the last countries I was attracted to, the joy that I feel on this land is as great as that I feel on “my” Pacific (the land I’m most comfortable on)! Now both feel like home.

Are my emotions and intellect on the path of reconciliation with each other? Am I starting to accept and love the woman that I am?


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